Dark Lady Poetry - Volume One, Number Nine




Volume One, Number Nine

June 2010

Dark Lady Poetry is an online literary magazine, with a focus on poetry. With an eclectic taste, anything goes, and we encourage up and coming writers in their pursuit to be read. Good words are always appreciated. 


The guardians of our spirit, the daughters of our soul, the Nine Muses, were birthed by a romance of Nine months. Zeus himself and a lovely Memory danced together for these Nine months creating the goddesses that inspire all of who we are. It would only be fitting to have words that showcase this inspiration, this manifestation of beauty in a simple construction of words. Let our Nine be tribute to such a magnificent gift.


In this issue we have beautifully gifted poets, Heidi Therrien and Susan Louise Sgroi. Number Nine is also proud to display the artistic talent of Eddie Swayze, an author known to move poetry into its physical form. Alongside, and added to these meritorious writers, are deft poets Mark Navarro, from Michigan and Terah Atai, from Oklahoma.








Heidi Therrien

Breaking Other Boys


On the Breaking Mourning


Susan Louise Sgroi


3 Days Evaporating

Going Missing



Eddie Swayze

An Amazon

Beautiful Days


Mark Navarro

Stage Fright


the whiteness glow;

Terah Atai

Run for the River-

Death and Routines