Dark Lady Poetry - Michael Padilla




Michael Padilla


The Deeds That Define Me Never Find Peace 

The deeds that define me never find peace
Infamy rides behind misread eyes
It is what it was before it was me
I don’t need routine, I have family
You know, the kind that evaporates
At the first sign of struggle? Yeah that kind
And my world feels like an avalanche
With one hand on an inhaler and one on my
Favorite brand of smoke


Fifteen minutes into the italics
That spoke to me but was only
An unwelcome apparition to everyone
I tried to share a fleeting moment with,
I finally was able to comprehend the pressure
Of our crawl space flex its testosterone fueled claws
Close in on my ‘so called’ comfort zone,
With its fortified authority,
But I refuse to accept it 

My enemies died
And all was fine in my fairytale mind
Just like the imminent destination
Laid out before us, god and all

Finality is not that complicated anymore
This whole shit storm is just an unraveling
Mess of wires, cords, and discord
Overlapped, underappreciated, and misunderstood
One over and under the other of another
On a grid we call the universe
A microcosm of masochism
Unbiased and elastic

I am one with it
And I’ve never felt
So hollow




Michael Padilla, 32, is a poet and artist residing in Pomona, Ca.