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Volume Two, Number One  February 2012

Dark Lady Poetry is an online literary magazine with a focus on poetry. With an eclectic taste, anything goes, and we encourage up and coming writers in their pursuit to be read. Good words are always appreciated.

Our publication is dedicated to quality poetry, written by remarkable people.

According to the ancient Romans, February is a month of purification. It can now be considered a month of rebirth for us here at Dark Lady Poetry. Like blooming violets and Primrose petals, this issue is beautifully decorated with colorful words from talented poets. Included in this issue we feature a well known Kansas City poet, Jason Ryberg. Alongside Ryberg, we have the lovely voices of Jennifer Givhan, Denise Mostacci Sklar and Favian Rodriguez.




Because Dark Lady aspires to put out a print issue, we are making available (in the United States), Dark Lady Poetry vinyl stickers. For a donation of two dollars or more, you will receive three Dark Lady Stickers, which double as bookmarks! Please check out our Support  Page for more information.

As always, thank you to our readers and contributors.

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