Dark Lady Poetry - Susan Louise Sgroi




Susan Louise Sgroi








3 Days Evaporating



Infectious smile

the exposed scent of soap

and uncertainty.

Naivety of experience,

I spent the better part of an hour

in a bovarysme,

starring you.

Eyes closed, looking away inside.

Vodka tonic and your disappearance into a song



Absence of scent, distance

silence, desire slides to the floor.

My observations will stay intact,

an utterance can no-longer be owned.

An impression of an instance is ones


I now own that image and it is (power, dominion, authority)


from you



Nearly free of

your enervated image

and escaping my mind,

my chest,

the owned image slowly cleft,

looks around

and fades






Going Missing



Counting how many times

I go missing in a day,

early sun filters through

brown shades, brown

from summer cooked dust

and the last poem I read.

Cats eyes green squinting

laying liquid,

stretching out long

and lean,


Paris in a fingertip

is a friend who heals

with bright red hair and

a bold laugh.

Centering the chaos,

I grasp at the invisible spools

of energy collecting

at my feet. Holding them up

for closer inspection.








Feng Zhengjie

falling snow as silent

as sfumato dust

on your gentle hand.

a strawberry kiss.

“I’d like to stay here


Only touch that pink feather

pile of speak.

shadow of your impossible

brush against my shoulder.

“one day we will have to”

But never will.

come back in an hour.


Just relax and lay back

into that soft curving snow

of chimera kiss,











Susan Louise Sgroi earned her MA in 20th Century American Literature at a California State University , and is currently a Professor of Humanities and Composition in  Baltimore ,  Maryland .