Dark Lady Poetry - Eddie Swayze




Eddie Swayze







An Amazon




A steel-hearted gentleman

Grew purple and blue flowers

On her sweet, delicate face.


Her eyes coagulated

Into glass-stones.

Icicles hung from her eyelids.

Crimson cracks split her lips.


Bitter ruby wines dripped

Down into her throat.

Burning coals inflamed her flesh.

Fire flickered wild in her mind.


She slowly walked into a sanctuary

Where water fountains stood.

Poured some water on her face.

Nourished her broken bones.

Mended her broken heart.


The flowers turned into silky pink

On her sweet, healing face.

Her eyes turned gold,

Bright with majestic strength.


She approaches him as an Amazon,

Carrying a steel-laden shield.

She says, "I shall remember.

Your heart was never golden.

You led me into the dark.

Don't forget me!

You sucked my very blood!

You took all the joy from me.

Now I want it back!"







Beautiful Days




Sun rising.

Sun descending.

Winds dance cool and calm.

Clouds and starlights spangle across the skyway.


No fear.

No tears.

Walk through fresh air.

Cheer among friends and workers on jubilant landscapes.


Smooth journeys.

Cool atmospheres.

These are beautiful days.


Vast space.

Vast maze.

Explore ethereal roads of miracles.

Taste the colors of life through an open ocean.


Moon shining.

Moon dimming.

Snow or rain fall rough or kind.

Whirls of change cascade through days and nights.


Groomed paths.

Pools of sighs.

These are beautiful days.








  Eddie Swayze is a poet, performing artist, actor, visual artist, electronic music composer, and educator. His poetry were featured in The HandType Press, The Gallaudet University Press, The Clevis Press, The Tactile Mind Press, and a few more. He won two awards in ImageArt poetry readings under ImageOut, an annual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender film festival inRochester,NY. His poetry performance is featured in a short clip in the film by Miriam Lerner, "The Heart of The Hydrogen Jukebox". His art work and performances received two New York State Council on the Arts grants and four Strategic Opportunity Stipends grants.
       He have been performing since 12 years old. He is known as a poet who uses American Sign Language (ASL), a language that most deaf and hard-of-hearing people use in order to communicate due to their hearing loss. He discoveredASLpoetry in the 80's through Peter Cook, Debbie Rennie, Clayton Valli, and other greatASLpoets/performers. He currently experiments hisASLpoetry along his original composed electronic music, which includes his recorded voice in the music, for several years.
       He presented hisASLpoetry at The Golisano Building for Rochester Institute of Technology'sRITImagine Innovation and Creativity Festival 2010, Lovin Cup for Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam in 2009 and Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 2 in 2010 in Rochester, NY, Interborough Repertory Theatre (IRT) in NYC for their Deaf Festival in 2008, Writers and Books' Genesee Reading Series in Rochester, NY, and many open mic venues in the city of Rochester, Ithaca, NY, and New York City.