Dark Lady Poetry - Jennifer A. Hudson




Jennifer A. Hudson


Golden Malice


An apple tree stands alone
atop a stark bayside hill.
Bowed and twisted
she dangles
her forsaken golden yield
hoping to entice an admirer

But who desires bitter fruit
with rotten tang these days?

In her prime, the apple tree had borne
an abundance of golden delicious—
bore them right on her top boughs,
fruit of Hesperides.
But the reaper cursed her yield
and vowed never to return,
for how dare she taunt him
with crop he could not reach?

But had the tree’s harvester not felt
such malice toward her ‘mala,’
she would have tossed care to the winds
and let her golden delicious
yield like tender raindrops.
Now she fancies a landslide
brought on by September gales.



The Lament of Hephaistos while in Oceanic Delirium


I remember her eyes as
shimmering pools
where dolphins splashed
and eucalypts tickled
soft tan grains
with supple innocence.

I wonder if bottlenoses
still boogie inside her bay,
or if gum trees
still droop over her sands—
or have all her suitors been netted
and her stringy bark shed?

If only her pools could erupt,
then I’d see why my Lady vanished
and why I’ve been forced into exile



Jennifer A. Hudson is a poet, essayist, fiction writer and budding visual artist living organically in Fairfield County, CT. Her work has appeared in The Helix, The Broken Plate, Eleutheria: The Scottish Poetry Review, Nefarious Ballerina, Essence, and Sage Woman. When not writing, she enjoys painting, drawing, photography, traveling, nature's beauty, and joining in on open drum circles.