Dark Lady Poetry - Christopher Kenneth Hanson




Christopher Kenneth Hanson


A Moat Dirge


Quite quiet,

We left the scene.

Or should it seem,

Devastated and wandering.

Trails of despair,

As firmly weighted down mass.

In desperation.

Here my lament crawls,

So fall asleep now.

Float by beat to this bleak canvas,

And a secret to keep,

Beneath castle walls.




Two Anagrams of Live


A vile of red potion,

May line this crown,

With seasoned captivity.

Fluttering by a poignant phrase,

Upon this, I may readily see.

Maladroit oh simpleton,

And hear this rhymed defeat.

Without which rumored evil

Would even dare to drink.




Oh Bind, the Perils of Function



Out of the womb,

Thrown Into this cycle.

Most caustic concordance,

Seeks stolid embrace.

Then passion fueled as we send another,

Wet dripping, through decadent, polarization.

Drive hormones drive!

Turn and toil,

Tap the brain that bakes the bread.

Kiss me quick,

And produce another.

I will need someone to comfort me,

Whilst I rue the next day.





Christopher Kenneth Hanson is a creative writer whoenjoys collecting animation art and creating art himself.  His tastes lean towards Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism frequently.