Dark Lady Poetry - Sonia Halbach




Sonia Halbach


Birth of a Sappho


A martyr before I could walk

on water

or even walk at all;

my baby blanket was

threaded with unearned praise

while those early days

were glorified and warm.

But had all those givers

of myrrh and gold known

of my later fate, they

would have left me

as I had entered,

gay, naked and cold.






I like the smell of women,


not the store purchased aroma
of artificial fruit with a manipulated
unreal scent, cleanly masking
the pure nature of her; of it all -


I want the hidden fruit 
wafting from below in a foamy current
river, fresh water lightning sparked flow
washing over me; over you -


and the aged wine red bitter
taste of sweet dewy morning
moon beamed soil in which 
I bury deep all I know; a little I don't.





Upon Entering a Late Night Coffeehouse


I’ve been drinking

and I notice how

hair lingers in

midair -

on those who haven't.


She whirls around and

I'm amazed

at how it avoids

the gravitational pull

of it all;

settling back to shoulders

on its own terms.

Her brown curls

contradicting the tightness of her

clasping black shirt,

hips swaying ever so slightly

to music from hidden speakers.


She doesn't smile -


yet she stands on a table

with this glow on her face.


I wanted that glow.





Sonia Halbach is currently finishing her BA in English and Communications at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. Her poetry has previously been published in The New Writer, Taj Mahal Review, Savannah Art and Literature, Emprise Review, Chronogram, The Taylor Trust, Breadcrumb Scabs, Main Channel Voices, SP Quill, Concise Delight and has upcoming works in Conceit and Amulet. She is the winner of the Maya Angelou Peace Poem Competition in 2007.