Dark Lady Poetry - Joseph Farley




Joseph Farley







a block

of wood


as the sun


upon it

speaks to

the carver


the voice

of its grain


the first







Country Flower



in the village where you dwell

the poor know only how to be poor

rain dances on tin roofs

dripping through the cracks

onto heads listening


the summer heat may seem unbearable

but bear it they do

even strangers get use to it

after a few years

content to shed extra clothes

and let the air cook bare skin


children play in all weather

but they grow up soon

money is earned in the city

sister and cousins

have gone there

and send home baht

to buy rice


you will follow them

if someone can take you

or you can find the money

for a bus ticket

to sell the pearl of your body

and dance for drinks

and cash to send home








Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory fortwenty three years, His books include For The Birds, Suckers and The True Color of You.