Dark Lady Poetry - Blake Ellington Larson




Blake Ellington Larson



Someday When I’m a Hundred  


i’ll remember

how i used to feel so young amongst

the dinosaur crowd

i’ll remember i’m   just an old boy

in a new sweater

that my calm demeanor is really stricken

with sweet sin and marmalade

that  i’m trying

to light enough candles in my heart

so’s   i can freeze up

these   doubts

and   meet a woman that reminds me

i’m trying not to notice

shadows from eyeglasses

red lips



She Smokes Slender 


goes black

'round the edges

in her afterglow i find delight

in the candlelight


cuts the fabric out of night


the movie moves the images


my fingers are negatives




She Speaks to Me  


through microphied phones

that pause like quilts sew haiku's 

she is syllabic in nature

hidden in daylight


her message

is in the bottle

it washes on the shores

that wash over the wires

that sound the hungried spiral strings

that ring 

when i sing with her



I've Yet to See Your Eyes  


stainless pain 


and harmless  

i've yet to hold your 

postmortem smile  

or feel the darkness 

shine through your teeth  

and it makes me want 

to kiss you  








Blake Ellington Larson invented the color pink. He does not collect Care Bears and most certainly doesn't have a subscription to The Believer. On a scale of one to awesome. He would definitely be awesome. He lives in the quiet suburbs of Alameda, California and would very much like to meet you.  

He's been published by, Back Room Live, Beatnik Cowboy, Black Heart Magazine, Bolts of Silk, Cherry Picked Hands and Picaresque.

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